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   Make-up is not about...
magic. It is about knowledge.It is about practice. It is about fun. It is about feeling YOUR best,  no matter how much or how little you wear. Make-up starts with skin care, empowered by beautiful brows, and ends with you feeling your most beautiful! Now it is time to master the "ART" of applying make-up. We at Blend Herbal Spa invite you to come and have fun with us. We would like to share our knowledge with you.
learn the ART of face PAINTING...
Your make up bag that is! No matter how much or how little make up you have,  bring it along. This will be the first class in which you are going to have fun learning the art of face painting.  I promise you will have fun and yet retain the helpful  knowledge. 
90 minutes...$125
Note: Please bring three pictures expressing a look you love, a look you do not love, and a look you would like to be able to recreate.
brush up your skills...
with a makeup coach. Boost your confidence, have fun, and love your look, while fine tuning your make up skills with your very own make up coach...30 minutes and your finish will be flawless. 
$15...brow lesson
$15...correctly conceal under eye shadows
$45...contouring & highlighting
$ eye
$35...smokey eye
$25...perfect pouty lip
picture perfect...
when you need to look your picture perfect best, hire a professional to help you to achieve your goal.
45 minutes...$75
lets make up...
Cinderella's going to the ball, the prom, tolo, or just a night out on the town! No matter what the event, you will look and feel
          45 minutes...$60
for a flawless finish...
for a fresh daytime look, we will help you put your best face forward, effortlessly.
30 minutes...$40 
flirty and fabulous with false eyelashes...
yes, even you can apply false lashes! This is a class created just for you, learn how to create that perfect flirty eye using strip lashes? 
45 minutes...$45(instructions + lashes)
20 minutes...$25(application + lashes)
      lets BURLESQUE...
From French, comical, from Italian, burlesco, from burla, joke, probably from Spanish, from Vulgar Latin *burrula, diminutive of Late Latin burrae, nonsense, from burra, wool. A variety show characterized by broad ribald comedy, dancing, and striptease. Emphasis on, "TEASE"!
              old Hollywood glamour...
You too can wear celebrity-style makeup without having done the ensembles burlesque . At the height of the holiday season or when you want to look stunning for the must-attend events on your list, you might want to add the burlesque makeup look to your repertoire. With a few adjustments here and there, you'll be ready for any party of your choosing.
60 minutes...$125 (with Lashes)
"At the age of 12, my father had a conversation about the beauty of women and their eyebrows that altered my life"! ~ Autumn
words from the brow queen...
"skin care and make-up are not the only things that are a challenge for females. The shaping of the brows can also be added to the list. 
When it comes to beauty skills, there is a teenager in all females, no matter what her age.
It is amazing in so many ways when a women, a young lady, or a teenager, experiences life after their eyebrows have been skillfully and artistically sculpted, with the finish being flawless!  
Beautifully shaped eyebrows...
truly improves ones self-esteem. If a female has never had this experience after having her brows professionally done, then it is time for a change!
I absolutely love creating glamorous eyebrows! After 29 years of perfecting eyebrows, I am still in aw at how the beauty of the eyebrow alters the life of my clients, especially of her own beauty doubts!
I invite you to come experience a brow sculpting with me, the 
"brow queen"
I promise! You will look and feel beautiful "
It's my passion...Autumn
The fine print...48-hour cancellation notice is not only appreciated, but required to avoid the charge of the missed appointment. 
Prices are subject to change without notice.
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